Posted by: Monica | November 30, 2008

Easy conversation book

Here is some information to speak italian as soon as possible.

First: keep in mind that Italian is a phonetic language, which means words are pronounced as written.
Do you remember “DO” “RE” “MI” “FA” “SOL” “LA” “SI” “DO”?

Yes? Good! So you can pronounce Italian! Too easy? No! It is real! I will explane you:

All vowels have a clear and defined sound, and when two or three vowels meet, they maintain their distinct sound, like in “ciao“.

Do not forget:  all words end in a vowel, with the exception of a few articles, prepositions, and foreign words.

In Italian, “A” sounds like in America; “E” like in egg; “I” like in Italy or like the double “ee” in reef; “O” like in opinion; and “U” sounds like the double “oo” in roof (NEVER like in University);

therefore remember: C as in Church; I as in Italy ; A as in America ; O as in Old -> CIAO!

Do not forget: “E” sounds like in egg.

[E is also a very important word: “e” = and; but “è” (with the accent) = is]

Now enjoy the karaoke ! [click here]


And now I introduce myself = mi presento:

Ciao, io sono Monica e sono italiana = Hi, I am Monica and I am Italian [listen to mi-presento; open this file and click on the icon]

Second: For asking questions we use the same structure as affirmative or negative sentences, but in questions the voice goes up at the end of the sentence.

E.g.  È arrivato Paolo. (Paolo has arrived.)
….. – È arrivato PaolO? (Has Paolo arrived?)

Be careful: CHI in Italian sounds [KI] and CHE in Italian sounds [KE]

– E tU? Come ti chiamI? = And you? What is your name?

Mi chiamo Nick (or io sono Nick) = My name is Nick (or I am Nick)

– Di dove seI? = Where are you from?

(io) Sono americano, del Montana = I’m American, from Montana

– Perché sei a RomA? = Why are you in Rome?  [Be careful: Perché = Why and Because]

Studio arte = I study art

[click here to read the simple present of “ESSERE” = “to be”]

[But click here to read the simple present of “PARLARE”= “to speak”; “STUDIARE” = “to study” and “ANDARE” = “to go”]

Now I need a coffee break = Ora ho bisogno di una pausa 😉

Ciao e buona giornata = Ciao and have a nice day.